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product information
product type:F7118B
products size(length*width*extends):670*110*115
IP Rating:IP65

product introdution:
The lamp designed by prism with excellent air perfect lampshade, which is beautiful, durable and fixable and is dustproof, waterproof and blast proof etc. The using of the most advanced sealing strip make the product safety degree at IP65. Several installation styles: ceiling vertical style, absorbing-ceiling style etc. The inside electrical equipment and the accessories are beautiful and accurate. The variety of product specification is convenient for selection: 2X58W、1X58W、2X36W、1X36W、2X18W、1X18W etc. Inductance, electronic ballast and emergency power supply are selectable in wet and dust-laden site, such as the various powder finished products and semi finished articles processing field, warehouse, refrigeratory, bathe center, parking lot and city environment illuminance field etc.